Cosmo is a system that doubles the existing parking space, both indoor and outdoor. Lifting from small city cars to even high SUVs, it is a suitable parking solution at many places. To be able to remove upper car, lower car should be taken out first. So it is a dependent system.


  • Dependent system that doubles the existing parking space
  • No need for a pit, direct installation on concrete or asphalt
  • Easy parking by the columns located backwards
  • Possibility of installation more than one system in a row
  • Common hydraulic power unit for multi-product-installations (3-6 systems)
  • Lifting capacity 2.000 kg
  • Automatic locking system for upper platform


  • Individual hydraulic power pack for each system
  • Extra lifting capacity 2.500 kg
  • All metal parts hot-dip galvanized

Usage Areas

  • Commercial parking lots
  • Private parks
  • Hotel, cinema, concert halls, hospitals, shopping malls
  • Car sales and maintenance centers
  • Car rental companies


Lifting Capacity 2.000 kg 2.500 kg
Platform Height (H1) 180 cm 200 cm
System Height (H2) 340 cm 390 cm
Platform Width (W1) 230 cm 250 cm
System Width (W2) 270 cm 290 cm
Lifting Time 43 sn / sec 43 sn / sec
Power Pack 2,2 kW 3 kW
System Weight 1245 kg 1350 kg