Compared to the traditional 2 cars parking systems, thanks to its genius design with only one column, it can be used in very narrow garages and parking spaces. Also because the column is located on only one side, cars can be parked very easily and cars can be parked in vertical or horizantal position. It is a dependent system.


  • Dependent system that doubles the existing parking space
  • No need for a pit, direct installation on concrete or asphalt
  • Easy parking and maneuver by only 1 carrier column on one side
  • Maintenance or repair possibility for the upper car throught the gap between driveways
  • Possibility of installation more than one system in a row
  • Common hydraulic power unit for multi-product-installations (3-6 systems)
  • Lifting capacity 2.000 kg
  • Mechanical locking system for upper platform


  • Individual hydraulic power pack for each system
  • Cover part for the gap between drive ways to prevent oil from above cars
  • All metal parts hot-dip galvanized

Usage Areas

  • Private parks
  • Car collectors and museums
  • Car sales and maintenance centers
  • Car rental companies


Lifting Capacity 2.000 kg
Platform Height (H1) 180 cm
System Height (H2) 340 cm
Platform Width (W1) 200 cm
System Width (W2) 284 cm
Platform Length 400 cm
Lifting Time 24 sn / sec
Power Pack 2,2 kW