SPY can present extra parking space securely without creating any disturbance at the view of the place. System that is offering parking space under the existing parking elevation, has different dimension in the vertical direction according to the numbers of the cars that will use the system. Cars are independently parked on this system and they are isolated from all the exterior conditions. The upper platform which is at the same elevation with the ground level can be covered with the existing material.


  • Independent system that increases the existing parking space 2/3/4 times
  • By a proper pit construction, cars are isolated from all exterior conditions
  • Common hydraulic power unit for multi-product-installations (3-6 systems)
  • Lifting capacity 2.000 kg
  • Automatic locking system for upper platform


  • Special platform design carrying two cars (totally 4/6/8 cars)
  • Individual hydraulic power pack for each system
  • Extra lifting capacity 2.500 kg
  • All metal parts hot-dip galvanized

Usage Areas

  • Private parks and villas
  • Car collectors and museums,
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Hotels
  • Car collectors


Lifting Capacity 2.000 kg 2.500 kg
Platform Height (H1) 170 cm 200 cm
Pit Depth (H2) 220 / 390 / 560 cm 250 / 450 / 650 cm
Platform Width (W1) 230 cm 250 cm
System Width (W2) 270 cm 290 cm
Platform Length 500 cm 530 cm
Lifting Time 24 sn / sec 24 sn / sec
Power Pack 2,2 kW 3,0 kW